Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Connection Question

This post was inspired by a tweet that I saw as a quote from the recent NASSP conference. There also seems to be this idea or myth (call it what you want). That the connection we make through technology is not a meaningful or worthwhile one. It is also a thought that has been clanging around in my head for awhile now. Is Social Media making us more or less connected?

There is no doubt that personally, I have connected with a lot of inspiring people through my social media journey. Have I truly connected? Does that connection mean something to me? To answer these questions, I will give two examples of social media connections and the relationships that are built as a result.

1. #ohedchat - If you don't already know about what is going on with this great educational endeavor, I will direct you here and here. Obviously, we have made some great digital connections through this technology of the twitter chat. However, that was simply not enough for some folks. During one chat the idea of a tweetup was mentioned for those involved in the chat. I thought it would be a great way for folks to connect socially and meet up. That wasn't enough for some of the #ohedchat folks, they have concocted a socially and educationally engaging day for members to connect and continue to learn.

2. TCC Class of 2000 Reunion - My graduating high school class has not had any reunions. I won't get into the many reasons that have kept us from connecting up to now, but the fact is we haven't yet. One of our classmates started a Facebook page and added all of his friends that he graduated with to the group. We are about two years away from a possible 15 year reunion, but we have started a good conversation so far. I have been friends with some of my past classmates for a few years now, but we are now focusing on meeting face-to-face again.

I use these two examples to illustrate a point. I believe that technology and social media give us meaningful connections. No one, even technology and social media experts, could argue that face-to-face communication is inferior to other forms. But if technology is our tool that we use to make those new connections, then isn't that meaningful? Shouldn't we be leveraging technology to make those meaningful connections? What do you think?


  1. I agree and thanks for the example! It's gonna be a great reunion. I firmly believe that social media can be a great blessing in our lives if we use it as such.

  2. I am huge proponent for Social Media. I think that it a great platform for connecting, and when the connection leads to face to face connection, that's a win.